Binary Option Robot Martingale System

Here at Option Robot there are 3 different investment system settings you can make depending on your intuition and preference. These system are the Classic System, the Martingale System and the Fibonacci System.

In today’s post, we are going to explain the Martingale System. By doing so, this can help you decide if it is the best Option Robot system for you to use.

Martingale System Basic Description

The Martingale System is considered to have the most profit potential, but can also be considered the most risky system. There have been gamblers over the years who have lost everything using the Martingale System, but there also have been others who have gained huge riches using the system.

The most important aspect a person needs to understand if they are using the Martingale System is: they must have “deep pockets.” If a person has the funds, the Martingale System can turn into a profitable experience for them.

The History Of The Martingale System

The basic premise of the Martingale System is so simple, that it has probably been used since the dawn of time. But, the Martingale System gained huge popularity in France during the 18th century. The French math expert by the name of Paul Pierre Levy introduced it and gamblers began to use it.

How The Martingale System Basically Works

As I mentioned earlier, the Martingale System is actually quite simple, but some gamblers over the years assumed it was so simple that anyone could use it. Many of these same gamblers lost their houses, vehicles and possibly even their underwear.

The way the system works is: you invest, or gamble a certain amount. If that choice is a win, you make the next investment or bet the same amount. But if the original bet was a loss, you simply double the bet on the next one. It is believed that at some point, you will win and you will profit the amount of your original investment.

Now it is important to know that you must have very deep pockets to do this. Just consider that if you have several losses in a row, you will be doubling every time and it can be a lot of money. This is why the Martingale System works best on 50/50 odds such as flipping a coin.

Just an example in the world of binary options: you risk $20 saying the U.S. Dollar will rise against the Japanese Yen in the next 5 minutes, but it doesn’t. So you now have to risk $40 with the same action and again, you are wrong. With the Martingale System, you now have to risk $80 and if you are a praying person, you are on your knees, because you have now risked a total of $140 and if this doesn’t win, you will have to risk another $160.

Yes, every loss means a double in the risk amount, and the total can add up very quickly. This is why the Martingale System is so risky. If you do win, you will profit.

If you have the funds to risk, the Martingale System can be a huge winner, but you must have the funds.

I will say that if you are depositing the minimum amount in your account, this system is probably not the wisest choice.

Option Robot And The Martingale System

One great thing you have going for you when you use the Martingale System and Option Robot is the highly accurate signals that Option Robot uses. Having a great signal system creates better odds of making the proper choices.

If you want to use the Martingale System with Option Robot, I strongly recommend that you start at a minimum risk amount. We want you to have a fun and profitable experience at Option Robot, but you do need to understand that speculating in binary options is risky. We do our best to cut that risk to a minimum, but it is still there.

Final Thoughts

That is how the Martingale System works. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Please be wise when setting up your preferences with Option Robot. By doing so, Option Robot will become your best friend.