General Questions

Q: What is OptionRobot.com?
A: OptionRobot.com is a browser based binary options auto trader that places trades direct to your linked broker

Q: How do I track my results?
A: You track results placed by OptionRobot.com via the “trading history” in your link broker account

Q: Is OptionRobot.com legal?
A: Yes. OptionRobot.com is a legal browser based software.

Q: How much does OptionRobot.com cost?
A: OptionRobot.com is free to join. Of course you will need a real money trading account in your linked broker account for the software to place trades.

Q: Does OptionRobot.com work with Tablets and Mobiles?
A: Yes

Q: What expiration times does the Robot use?
A: You can configure one of any of the following expiry times: 60 Second, 5 Minute, 10 Minute, 15 Minute & 60 Minute. Please refer to our broker settings comparison article for which expiry times are available for each respective broker.

Q: Does OptionRobot.com work whilst I’m offline?
A: No. You must have an active internet connection and your web browser open for the robot to work

Q: What rates (pricing) are being used by each broker?
A: The rate is a live feed directly taken from Reuters and adapted in each brokers algorithm.

Account Questions

Q: How do I begin to auto-trade?
A: Click here to join. Fill out the signup form. Next step is to deposit in your broker. Last step is to activate the auto-trade button.

Q: How do I change my robot settings?
A: Click “Settings” in the left hand menu. From there you can adjust the following:

  • Method: Classic, Martingale, Fibonacci
  • Expiry: 60 Seconds, 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes & 60 Minutes
  • Amount: $20 to $500
  • Max Simultaneous Trades: 1 – 8
  • Indicators: Trend, MACD, RSI, STOCH, Williams & CCI

Deposit & Withdrawal Questions

Q: What is the recommended deposit amount?
A: We recommend at least $500 – $1000 however you can start with any amount.

Q: What is the minimum amount I can deposit in a compatible broker?
A: $250 – $300 USD; depending on which broker you choose.

Q: How do I withdraw my profits and balance?
A: You can withdraw at any stage by clicking the “Withdraw” button within the Robot Trading Platform. From there you will be taken to your linked broker account withdrawal page. Follow the withdrawal instructions from there.

Broker Questions

Q: How do I choose a broker?
A: On the signup form you must choose one of the compatible brokers.

Q: What is a binary option broker?
A: A broker is a company that owns and operates a trading platform where clients can place trades on various underlying assets.

Q: Can I use my existing broker account with OptionRobot.com?
A: No. Only new accounts made via OptionRobot.com are eligible.

Demo Mode Questions

Q: Can I try OptionRobot.com with a Demo Account?
A: Yes. When you login please press the red “TRY DEMO MODE” button. The demo mode starts with $1000 and is exactly the same signals and settings available in the “REAL MONEY MODE”. The two main difference between “REAL MONEY MODE” and “TRY DEMO MODE”:

  1. In “REAL MONEY MODE” the payout % which will always fluctuate depending on the brokers current return % for each pair and expiry time.
  2. In “REAL MONEY MODE” the price feed is direct from your linked broker account

Q: How come I can use the demo mode on weekends when the market is closed?
A: Note that on weekends when the markets are closed we use a “simulated pricing feed” so you can still experience and become familiar with the robot and its powerful indicators and money management settings.

Q: How come the “Demo Mode” pricing feed is different from the “Real Money Mode” feed?
A: We use the eToro pricing feed when in “Demo Mode”. It is not possible to trade a Demo Account on any live broker pricing feed as the brokers only allow access to “Real Money” accounts.